About Us

Who we are
STVision GmbH is a small team of highly specialized engineers, with origin partly back to the beginning of microprocessor technology, and long experience in imaging hard and software. Since 1989, STVision has put special focus on optical measurement systems. We have a long experience in visual inspection. Plus, we have specialists for mechanical design, optical design, vision software and handler control in house.

We developed a broad universal system for various types of measurement. A large variety of camera types including line scan and high resolution cameras on various interfaces are available.

STVision uses its own proprietary strobe LED illumination system. And we have a full line of handling control tools to drive indexers, robots, special machines and even Simatic machine control systems directly from the vision system.

And all these tools were developed to operate in rough industrial environment, 24 hours a day, with very high reliability and throughput. These tools were made to function, and they do.

Over time, we were working to complete and perfectionalize these tools. Now we are proud to offer you a fairly complete spectrum of tools to approach your application in a straightforward manner.