Our History

STVision has its roots in image processing since 1979. We have developed our own software standard, with special focus on industrial vision and optical measurement since 1989.

All our algorithms and tools had to prove its reliability and precision in the rough production environment and we could improve through generations of computer and software standards: Windows 2000 based systems.

Our systems had to pass severe production acceptance tests, most of them are still in production today and are used to assure the quality of parts in electronic watches, microprocessors, mobile phones, smart cards, ABS break systems for cars, precision writing instruments and many more.

Here is a brief history overview:

1990 Dispense measurement, die and wire bond inspection
Diode inspection
Lead inspection for power devices
Inspex Motion (elongation measurement)

1992 Leadframe inspection

1993 Package inspection

1994 Inspex LF including automatic handling
system and 3 high resolution

1995 LF3 new generation of leadframe inspection systems
LF/TAPE application for Kepton tape inspection
Package inspection for SOD and SOTxx

1996 DPAK lead coplanarity measurement

1997 SOD 75 & 79 lead coplanarity and wiring inspection

1998 Hit over 30 000 components/hour lead molding

1999 Ball grid array inspection. Patented 3D height

2000 MLP Inspection & Vision 3 software (new
generation) All application is based on the new
2000 software.

2001 Inspection of inkjet nozzles for printer.

2002 Laser marking and deflashing systems.
Camera calibrated laser systems.

2003 DCS1F Dispense Check on flip bonders.
ENC inspection of encoder discs for automotive
power steering.

2004 CCD inspection of imaging devices.

2005 2nd generation of high-speed inkjet nozzle inspection.
Dispenser station for controlled dispensing of micro

2006 Wire Bond Inspection system for thick Alu wedge

2007 New imaging sensor inspection for BlueRay DVD

2008 Fluorescence analysis system for detection of mold
residues solar concentrator tracker with sun position

2009 New generation of gel contamination on mold surface
Solar Cell edge inspection (SCE) system

2010 Inspection modules to be integrated into older
generation systemation
handlers for the semiconductor industry

2011 Systems for metal surface and contour metal sheets

2012 Inspection area system for metal sheets (540x540mm)

2013 High speed inspection system for optical density and
position measurement of thin film material.
participation in a BMFT project for next generation
high definition rotary encoder inspection